10 Ways to Share Random Acts of Kindness

I hope that you have been enjoying the warm weather so far. As you know, summer is upon us in a few short weeks. You all know what summer means; Summer is all about bonfires, fishing, boating, stargazing, and laying out in the sun. What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime? Don’t forget to use sunscreen before you head out on your summertime adventures.

As you all know, SMIRK has a new website up with a ton of information on this amazing non-profit. Here at Valley Dental, we are very passionate about SMIRK. The fact that we are able to give individuals free dental care that can’t afford it, is so rewarding. You can be a part of giving back to these individuals specifically, and impact many more individuals in the future. Did you know SMIRK has a blog? You can now be a part our journey throughout the years by follow our Blog. Our theme this week is, Random Acts of Kindness. On our website I have given you 10 ways to Share Random Acts of Kindness. Throughout this year, this theme will continue and I will share more ways you can give back to the people around you. With that being said, take a seat, read this article and go share your random acts of kindness with the people around you!

Here is how you can share random acts of kindness: http://www.smirksmiles.org/#!blog/ch7r

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  • Cassablanca says:

    I love the idea of Random Acts of Kindness but I never knew that there was a week dedicated to it. Thanks for the heads up! I think when I stop off at my frvtaioe coffee spot tomorrow morning I will treat the person behind me in line!

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