3 Steps to a healthy kick start

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As spring is approaching quickly, people are starting to come out of hibernation and break out their workout gear. Physical activity is increasing as the sun beams come out of the once grey clouds, and the snow covered streets are replaced with glimmering green grass. Some of you are wondering, “What is the best way to begin exercising again?” I am going to provide you with a few options to give your physical health a kick start, and get you excited about the fresh air.

1. Get walking!

Physical activity doesn’t have to be elaborate. It is as simple as “getting your body moving.” Walking has many positive benefits for your health. Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight. (Mayo Clinic) By giving yourself a target goal of how long you want to walk each week it will help you stay active, and therefore it will help you maintain your weight and weight goals. Walking will give you more energy throughout the day and lift your mood. Exercising in nature is the key. “Fresh air has more oxygen, greenscapes raise serotonin levels, and sun levels increase vitamin D and help optimize hormone levels.” (healthinfocus.net) Walking will help you improve your overall coordination. (Mayo Clinic) There are countless other benefits of taking your daily walk, and it’s so simple! Grab your dog, children, husband, and get walking!

2. Plan, plan, plan!

Planning is a big part of success with your physical health. First, make some long-term goals. Figure out where you want to be physically in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year from the date you begin your workout plan. Then decide how you want to spend your time working out, like at the gym, workout classes, yoga, or running outside. The more detailed you make your plan, the more motivation you will have to conquer it.

3. Get excited about new gea
Purchasing new workout gear is always a good idea. I know that when I purchase new running shoes, a workout tank, or running pants, it makes me instantly want to hit the gym and showoff my new gear. It’s a simple fix to the winter blues. Especially if you don’t own workout gear, there is an abundance of it on the market! It equally important to purchase the right kind of gear for yourself. Purchase shoes with good arch support, a firm heel, and a flexible sole. (Mayo Clinic) Keeping that in mind, don’t forget that everyone’s feet are unique and different. It is helpful to visit your local shoe store for their advice on which shoe best fits you. Each shoe brand has its own pros and cons, so choose wisely. Find your style, get shopping, and begin your workout routine!

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