3 Steps to Your Child’s 1st Trip to the Dentist

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3 Steps to Your Child’s 1st Trip to the Dentist

You may be thinking, ‘how can I get my child to the dentist?’ The process may feel like…well, pulling teeth. I with guide you through a 3 step plan to getting your child’s petite feet out of your door and into the dental chair. Constituting the link between oral health and a happy life are crucial and will be stored in their collection of knowledge for a lifetime! The first steps in this growth process begin with the foundation, which is building a positive relationship.

1. Establishing the Child, Dentist relationship
Children are all about making friends at a young age, right? I am willing to bet, majority of your children wouldn’t choose to befriend a stranger that was unfriendly towards them or intimidating. They are all about building relationships with adults that are friendly, warm, kind, and approachable. That’s where this dental relationship begins. The best way to start off, is by bringing your child into the dental office and going through the motions of a regular appointment. Here at Valley Dental, each child will meet one of our hygienists face-to-face right off the bat. Your child will then be taken on the grand tour of the office and shown all of our unique and exciting bells and whistles we have to offer. (Speaking of bells and whistles, the prize cabinet is overflowing with toys your child will be awarded with at the end of their appointment!) They will then finish off our unique dental process that caters to their needs and wants. Comfort is everything!

2. Encouraging dental health at home
Remembering back to my earliest memories, I can recall mimicking all of my older sister’s moves. I wanted to be just like her, and do everything she did. I was just like any common youngster, mimicking the actions of my role model and listening intently to any minuscule amount of knowledge she would throw at me. This is true for any parents as well. Your children look up to you. Encouraging dental health at home is paramount. Brushing twice a day, flossing every night, and using mouth wash are three things you can use to inspire you children to build positive habits at a young age.

3. Taking the Last Baby Steps into the Office
After establishing the child, dentist relationship and encouraging dental health at home, whenever you feel like your child is ready it is time for you to bring them back for an official dental appointment. At this point, your child should feel comfortable at our office, at ease with the hygienist, and feel fully equipped and overflowing with their dental knowledge. It is also a great idea to give your little one a pep talk before their appointment, and remind them how wonderful their experience will be! Once this appointment is complete, each visit after this one will become effortless, a cinch.

I hope you choose to send your child to the dentist as soon as you can! Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month, we are thoroughly encouraging parents to bring their children into the dentist for an enjoyable experience for not only your child, but for you as parents as well. What are you waiting for?

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