3rd Annual Patient Appreciation Party

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This past Thursday, August 6th we celebrated our 3rd Annual Patient Appreciation Party! Our office staff spent a long amount of time prepping for this day. It was so amazing to see the final product! We were so happy to have such a large turnout for the event, it was wonderful to see all of your families and friends in attendance. We would like to extend a huge thank you to ALL of you that were able to attend, and all of our entertainment and vendors.

For those of you that were not at the event, there were several amazing groups that were a part of our night. The band Nightcap provided us all with live music throughout the entire evening. Their band played an array of classic 90’s music, to current hits on the radio. Their set consisted of three members playing piano, guitar, and one vocalist. It’s safe to say they were a huge hit. They had all of the kids dancing!

A huge thanks goes out to the Big E company for bringing the huge double lane inflatable slides. These slides were a popular item! There were lines that stretched all around the parking lot filled with kids waiting their turn to fly down the slides. It looked like a lot of fun!

If you have looked through some of our pictures on Facebook, you will notice almost every child there had their face painted. Tappy’s Face Painting was able to be a part of our event. A huge thank you goes to Barb for her hard work! She had pages upon pages of different art work she could transfer onto your face with her brushes. We tried to get Dr. Gavin over to her station, but he wasn’t convinced he needed Spiderman painted across his cheek. Maybe next year we will get him!

Lastly but certainly not least, a thank you goes out to all of the staff here at Valley Dental! There was a lot of set-up involved in this night, and a lot of items donated in order to insure the night was perfect. We could not have done it without single staff member that helped out.

It is nights like this that remind me of the amazing community we live in. It is such a privilege to live in a place where we can all come together and celebrate life together. Thanks again for being a part of our Valley Dental family. Now, get outside and enjoy the last of your summer! There are only a few weeks left to get your tan on, so make the most the rest of it.

-Valley Dental

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