78% of Dogs Have Dental Problems

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Did you know that 78% of dogs & 68% of cats have varying degrees of dental problems? Read more here to learn why and how to prevent these problems from happening to your pet.

You aren’t the only one that needs to take care of your teeth. The most common dental issues in dogs are periodontal disease and tooth fractures from hard chew toys. Dental disease is actually the most common problem diagnosed by veterinarians. Like humans, many of these problems could be prevented with regular veterinary checkups and routine home care. The question you may be asking yourself is how do I know my pet has a problem? The first of many clues is offensive breath. Additional signs may be if your pet is only chewing with one side of their mouth, food is constantly falling from their mouth, facial swelling, blood in the water bowl or excessive drooling. Have you noticed some recent changes in their behavior such as not wanting to play with toys or a new preference in food or treats. This is a sign that you should take them to your veterinary and have the problem diagnosed.

What can be done to prevent dental diseases in pets?

Periodontal disease comes from a buildup of plaque on the tooth surface. The plaque contains bacteria that, if not cleaned from the teeth, will become hard and form tartar. Resulting inflammation of the gums will cause the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Your pet’s mouth should be assessed once a year by a veterinarian. Annual cleanings help keep the mouth clean and healthy, and X-rays can detect a dental problem early so that it can be treated before it becomes a bigger problem.

Don’t have a pet, but are interested in adopting one?

Coulee Region Humane Society

Check out the Coulee Region Humane Society. Valley Dental highly supports their organization and would definitely recommend adopting a pet that needs a loving, happy home!


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