Coffee and Tea Effects on Teeth

By January 31, 20135 Comments

Coffee and tea are especially tough on teeth, because tannic acid scrapes into the pits and grooves of tooth enamel and can stain teeth. The amount of coffee a person consumes daily does affect the color of their teeth. When you sit down and think about how many cups of coffee you drink a day or even throughout your life, image what effects it will have on your teeth color. The problem is that most people who drink coffee and tea don’t know what they would do without it on a daily basis. There are some precautions that can help you to ensure minimum teeth staining, without giving up your daily caffeine beverage. If you brush your teeth after coffee or tea, there will be fewer stains. In addition to brushing after lunch, keep a water bottle in your desk and have a swig after a coffee. It also helps to keep your breath fresh, which we suggest that every coffee drinker do. Another suggestion is to rinse with a glass of water after every cup or sip these beverages through a straw. Many people also think that coffee and tea are the only reasons why you get stained teeth. Smoking, soda and even fluorinated water can stain teeth because of the destruction of the enamel.

Even though Dr. Gavin and our team highly recommend keeping up with your regular teeth cleanings that doesn’t really help with black coffee stained teeth. Often cleaning with toothbrush and paste isn’t enough. One of the main solutions to this problem is teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening treatments are an easy and fast procedure that enlightens stained and colored teeth. There are many options out there, but Valley Dental can offer you two great ones that you shouldn’t pass up. One of these is in office Zoom Whitening. This process only takes about 45 minutes and will increase the whiteness of your teeth by 8 shades. Currently we’re offering 2 for 1 Zoom Whitening, so find another friend who likes coffee or tea as much as you do and take advantage of this great promotion. Another option that Valley Dental offers patients if Free Whitening for Life. For new patients, we’re offering take home Zoom Whitening trays for life! This is a great option for individuals who would religiously whiten at home and remember to keep up on their bleaching. It may be unrealistic for some people to give up coffee or tea from their diets, but by using these tips and getting teeth whitening through Valley Dental we can assure that your teeth will stay whiter longer!


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