Introducing New Employee: Holly

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Valley Dental is so excited to welcome our newest Dental Assistant, Holly, to the team! We are very fortunate to have her. She has 17 years of experience along with a strong background in orthodontic treatment. We asked her a couple of fun questions for our employees and patients to get to know her a little better. Check out her answers below!

Places Lived: La Crosse
Hobbies, talents, special interests: Vegetable gardening, photography, spending time with family.
Favorite Travel Spots: Anywhere warm
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Drink: Lemonade
Least Favorite Food: Steak
Best Vacation: Mexico
Favorite Restaurant: Buzzard Billy’s
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Three words to best describe me: Quiet, organized, loyal.
Ability I wish I had: The ability to stop time.
Favorite Music: Alternative
Always wanted to try: Scuba diving
If you could have any super power it would be: Mind reading
What I would do if I won the lottery: Take my family on vacation.
Something Few Know About Me: I read a book or two a week.
If I were stuck on an island, I would bring (3 things): Food, books and sunscreen.
What inspires me: My children.

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