Kim’s 7 Year Anniversary

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Congratulations on your 7 Year Anniversary, Kim!

We have loved having Kim as a part of our team for 7 years- that’s almost a decade!  She welcomes each of her patients with a huge “Kim” smile and a firm handshake. If you can’t find Kim in the office she loves to spend time with her beautiful family. She comes from a basketball family, so feel free to ask her anything about the game (Or challenge her to a shoot-off).  
I asked Kim 5 questions about herself so you all could have the chance to get to know her a little better!

Valley Dental Staff

1. What was your favorite thing you did this year?  We took a family vacation to California and it was nothing short of amazing!

2. What does your perfect day look like?  Spending part of it in the gym, and the other half watching my kids play/ coach basketball.

3. What is your go-to movie? Grease…”You’re the one that I want ooo ooo ooo!”

4. Where were you born? La Crosse, WI born and raised!

5. If you could choose any decade to live in, which one would you choose? The 80’s. I mean, hello…Best music ever!

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