New Employee: Kyleigh Sopher

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Kyleigh joined our team on July 29th, 2013. We believe she will be a great asset to our team as our new Office Assistant. To get to know her a little better we asked a couple of fun questions. Here were her answers:

Position at Valley Dental: Office Assistant
Places Lived: St. Paul, La Crosse, Onalaska
Hobbies, talents, special interests: Varsity Dance Team Coach, long boarding, boating and shopping.
Favorite Travel Spots: Florida- anywhere! & California
Favorite Food:  Any type of Spanish food
Favorite Drink: Iced coffee with caramel and skim J
Least Favorite Food: Broccoli
Best Vacation: A group trip out to Washington D.C. was a blast!
Favorite Restaurant: Manny’s
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Three words to best describe me: Bubbly, Unique and Giggly
Ability I wish I had: I wish I was better at sports in general.
Favorite Music: Anything with a good beat.
Always wanted to try: Singing at the Root Note- looks like fun!
If you could have any super power it would be: To fly; it would save me a lot of gas money!
What I would do if I won the lottery: Take a trip to Greece.
Something Few Know About Me: I’m very scared of rollercoasters.
If I were stuck on an island, I would bring (3 things): A tent, water purifier and my bible.
What inspires me: My high school dancers inspire me constantly. Their dedication and talent is extraordinary.

Welcome to Valley Dental Kyleigh! We are excited to have you on our team.

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