New Employee Spotlight: Kristina

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Kristina joined our team in November of 2013. As our new Administrative Assistant she will be the friendly voice you can expect to hear on the other line. She will answer any questions that you may have regarding billing and insurance. We believe she will be a great asset to our team, bringing 5 years of experience in the dental field.  To get to know her a little better we asked a couple of fun questions. Here were her answers:

Places Lived: La Crosse, WI and Rochester, MN
Hobbies, talents, special interests: Reading, baking and going on the river.
Favorite Travel Spots: Anywhere warm!
Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Drink: Diet Cherry Coke
Least Favorite Food: Peas
Best Vacation: Canada
Favorite Restaurant: Angelini’s or Freighthouse
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Three words to best describe me: Fun, energetic and outgoing.
Ability I wish I had: Whistle
Favorite Music: Country
If you could have any super power it would be: Fly
What I would do if I won the lottery: Build a dream house.
If I were stuck on an island, I would bring: Phone, food and tent.
What inspires me: Helping people.


Welcome to the Valley Dental team Kristina! We look forward to many successful years to come.

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