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The Valley Dental Team wishes you a happy and safe weekend! How have you been enjoying your summer so far? As a loyal patient of our office, we strive to be a part of “making your smile.” Whether it is polishing and cleaning your teeth, or doing further work on those pearly whites, we hope that we have been a part of building your confidence and helping you feel more compelled to smile. We would encourage you to pass along a smile–share it with the people you love.

Hey, you. It’s almost the weekend! Bring on a lazy saturday morning and a day full of yard work! Since it is almost Friday, I am going to provide you with some wacky and fun facts that have to do with dental care. Some of them will possibly make you want to hustle to the bathroom and break out your toothbrush. Nevertheless, the human mouth is an interesting and fascinating place. All dental facts are provided to you by Delta dental online.

1. “On a daily basis, your mouth is home to over 10,000,000 micro-creatures who are swimming, feeding, and reproducing in your mouth…” If this doesn’t make you want to go brush your teeth, I don’t know what will!

2. “Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and our tooth enamel is the hardest part of our body–even harder than our bones! In order to keep our teeth for a lifetime, we need to take care of them by brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist.” It is important to remember that even though our teeth are hardest part of our body, this doesn’t mean you can neglect taking care of them!

3. “In 1816 Sir Isaac Newton’s tooth was sold in London for today’s equivalent of $35,700. Don’t expect that much money from the toothfairy–in America she brings an average of $3 a tooth.” Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our teeth were worth that much! What would you buy with that kind of “toothfairy” money?

4. “In 1928, In China, the bristle toothbrush was invented. The bristles were made up of the stiff hairs off the back of a pig’s neck. Pig’s hair was used in toothbrushes until 1938, when nylon bristles were introduced. The toothbrush has about 2,500 nylon bristles grouped in forty tufts.” Boy, am I glad that pig’s hair is not used in toothbrush bristles anymore. Yuck!

That’s all of the facts I have for you this week. Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine and share a smile with someone you love.

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