SMIRK “Smiles Made In Random Kindness”

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SMIRK is a non profit specifically created by Dr. Gavin and Valley Dental. By creating this non profit, our hope is that the community would support our efforts and want to give generously to such a wonderful cause. A lot of you may be wondering, “What is Smirk?” I am going to give you a few quick facts about this non-profit organization, and give you some ideas on how you can give back to our beautiful community.

1. SMIRK is a non-profit organization. This means SMIRK benefits the entire Coulee Region.

2. SMIRK aims to provide dental care for children and adolescents that are in need of care and do not have the means to provide for themselves. SMIRK provides cosmetic and/or orthodontic dental care at no cost to the patient.

3. SMIRK allows the recipients to gain a new found confidence and boost their self esteem.

4. SMIRK is supported by three dentists at Valley Dental with the hope to include more dental practices and dental specialty practices in the future as the non-profit organization grows.

5. SMIRK is not specific to Valley Dental. In other words, if a local orthodontist is not affiliated with Valley Dental has a patient in need of treatment and unable to pay, they may fill out an application.

6. SMIRK has a board that meets frequently to review applications filled out by dentists, dental specialists, school counselors, teachers, community leaders, etc, to determine which individual is in need for urgent or immediate care.

7. SMIRK hopes that the community will look for and support future fundraisers, which will help finance this organization that positively impacts our community.

You may be wondering, “How can I get involved with this organization?” We will be holding multiple events per calendar year- you can check out our Facebook Page for more information!


*Stay tuned for our new Website! It is currently under construction.

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