Soda Vs. Your Teeth

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Soda Vs Teeth- Valley Dental Inc

Did you know that approximately 48% of American’s drink 2 glasses of soda daily? That’s around 45 Gallons of soda being cracked open and sipped each day. A lot of you know that the amount of sugar in soda isn’t ideal for your overall health, but it’s the acidity that you should watch out for.

The acidity in soda makes your teeth weaker, wearing down the outer enamel on your teeth. Over time, this means your teeth could be more prone to cavities and tooth decay. Not to mention, your teeth are more prone to stains. This doesn’t exclude diet soda either, diet soda is just as bad for your teeth. You may wonder what some of the warning signs are for loss of your tooth enamel, there are a few signs to look for. Do your teeth tingle, zing, or ache when you eat something hot or cold? Do your teeth feel extremely sensitive when you brush or floss your teeth? If you answered yes to one, or both of those questions you could be at risk.

Good news, there are many healthier alternatives to drinking soda. Drinking water is the absolute best alternative. With virtually no amount of acidity, this would be a safe choice. Milk and black coffee are also good options to consider instead of soda. Although milk and black coffee do have small amounts of acidity, they are still better options for your teeth.

Although it may seem impossible for some of you to give up your soda, there are a few ways you can keep your healthy smile shining bright. Try sipping your favorite drink through a straw, and avoid swishing the soda between your teeth. Schedule your dental check-ups at least two times a year. It is important to be seen by your dentist to insure you are cavity-free, and your teeth and gums are healthy as well.

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