Susan’s 12 Year Anniversary

Congratulations Susan on your 12 year anniversary at Valley Dental! Our office greatly appreciates the long hours, the persistence, the attention to detail, and your passion for dentistry. Susan shows commitment throughout our success and expansion as a practice. Valley Dental’s growth is directly related to the employees like her that have stayed with us over the years and learned our patients’ needs. We hope you will be a part of the Valley Dental team for many years to come; we have much to gain from your expertise and dedication. Here are a couple of questions we asked Susan today so you can get to know her a little bit more!

1. How long have you worked for the Valley Dental? 12 years
2. Please tell me about your most rewarding since you joined Valley Dental. Dentistry from the Heart
3. Do you have kids? 2 handsome boys
4. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Pasta
5. Where were you born? La Crosse
6. Are you messy or organized? Organized
7. What is your favorite day of the week? Friday
8. When you’re not at Valley Dental, what are you doing most likely? Hanging out with my boys, hiking or biking.
9. What was your first car? 78’ Chevy Impala
10. When you were young, what was your favorite TV show? Gilligan’s Island
11. Cat or Dog? Black Lab, Zoe
12. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football
13. What is your favorite music/song/band? Love all music, John Mayer right now
14. What are your top 3 favorite movies to watch? Grease, Wizard of OZ and The Notebook
15. If you were an animal what would you be? Horse
16. Where would you like to travel to? Italy or Greece
17. What phobias do you have? Spiders, snakes
18. What would you do if you won $50 million in the lottery? Travel the world

We are looking forward to having you with us for years to come! Best wishes in the job you enjoy and we appreciate.


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