‘Tis The Season…

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Every year around the Holidays it’s easy to forget what this season is all about. Instead of worrying about getting your friends and family the perfect gift, try to practice generosity and selfless service. Once the New Year comes around you may look back and wish that you could have done more to help others and truly make a difference in their lives. At Valley Dental we want to share with you a couple of simple ways to reach out to those in need this year or just make someone smile.

Here are 14 simple ways to give back this Holiday season:

  1. Donate food to local food shelter or pantry.
  2. Visit a homeless shelter and donate blankets, gloves, socks, hats or coats.
  3. Volunteer by ringing bells for the Salvation Army or at a local soup kitchen.
  4. Make a donation to Toys for Tots or find a local toy drop location.
  5. Sponsor an angel from the Salvation Army angel tree. It’s fun to try and pick out the perfect gift for that special someone.
  6. Drop off any items from toys to furniture at your local Goodwill. Every bit helps.
  7. Pay it forward and practice random acts of kind- whether you paying for someone’s meal in a restaurant or the person behind you in line at Starbuck’s you’ll love the reaction of the staff and the person behind you.
  8. If you love animals, hold food or toy drives for the animals housed at the Coulee Region Humane Society. During the cold weather, they usually see an increase of new animals due to people dropping them off in fear of them not surviving the cold.
  9. Visit for ways to give. It’s a great feeling to give relief to families during a crisis or a place to recover.
  10. Shop local rather than purchasing your gifts from large chain businesses.
  11. If you are talented in the baking department, bake cookies or other yummy treats for local fireman, police officers, EMT service providers or teachers. They do a tremendous amount of work in our communities and they would feel blessed to know they are appreciated.
  12. Make coupons for your neighbors that give them one free lawn mowing or car washing when the weather warms up.
  13. Donate to the cause of your choice. Whether you know someone who suffered from Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, you can make a loving donation that supports a cause close to your heart.
  14. Finally…Make someone’s day by smiling to everyone you see and say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”

It really doesn’t take much to bless the lives of others around us. If you can think of anything else please comment on this blog post so we can add more creative and thoughtful ways to add to the list next year. Happy Holidays from the Valley Dental Staff! And always remember…


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