3 Benefits of Routine Dental Checkups

Seeing the dentist on a routine basis is very important! If you fail to see one of these specialists every few months for a checkup, serious health consequences can occur. In fact, those who skip out on regular dental visits tend to have a higher risk of developing oral disease and other severe dental problems.

Need even more reasons to visit the dentist? Keep reading to learn 3 benefits of routine dental checkups.

Provides a Professional Clean

Even if you floss and brush properly every single day, it’s impossible to clean every inch of your mouth. Unfortunately, those hard-to-reach areas can experience an excessive buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. This is one of the reasons why a dental checkup is essential. During these appointments, a dental expert professionally cleans your teeth and gums. This helps to attack those troublesome areas, removing bacteria and lowering the chance of tooth decay.

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Looks for Signs of Oral Cancer

During a dental checkup, a dentist will also look for any signs of oral cancer. As oral cancer doesn’t always cause symptoms, this is why dental checkups are vital. If this issue goes unnoticed, it can turn into a life-threatening situation over time. When checking for signs of cancer, a dentist utilizes a special light to detect dead tissue caused by tumors. This is referred to as a VELscope cancer exam. This process isn’t painful at all, and the entire exam only lasts one to two minutes.

Keeps Teeth Looking Great

Let’s face it—everyone wants a white smile. However, brushing properly and using teeth whitening solutions doesn’t always lead to the best results. This is another area where an experienced dentist can help! During a checkup appointment, a dentist performs a thorough cleaning process to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause stains if left untreated.

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