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Is IV Sedation for Dental Work Safe?  

IV sedation during dental work has become an integral part of the industry. When plenty of people will skip the dentist due to their overwhelming anxiety, this procedure has been a literal lifesaver for some patients. Of course, it does raise questions of safety, which can prevent people from taking advantage of sedation’s benefits. We’ll […]

3 Commonly Asked Questions About IV Sedation

If you suffer from dental anxiety or are facing a difficult dental procedure, sedation dentistry can make visiting the dentist in Onalaska, WI, a more positive experience. If you have questions about IV sedation for your next trip to the dentist, we have answers. Below are some of the things you should know about IV sedation […]

Can Children Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition commonly diagnosed in adults. Many people associate it with loud snoring and other sleep disruptions. Many people with sleep apnea can get help from their dentist in Onalaska, WI. At Valley Dental, we provide treatment for patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. If you believe your child may have this […]

How Missing Teeth Affect Your Face and Jawbone

Do you have missing teeth? Or perhaps your dentist in Onalaska, WI, has told you that you need to have some of your teeth removed. Either way, not replacing those teeth will have consequences. How Missing Teeth Affect Your Face and Jawbone What happens when you don’t replace missing teeth? Well, your jaws make up […]

Hurry to Get Your Teeth Whitened Before the Holidays

When the holiday season rolls around, many people get busy buying decorations, planning meals, and buying gifts. Being prepared in this way is important for enjoying yourself on the holidays. Just as you would go gift shopping for others, it’s important to become personally prepared to see your friends and relatives. For some people, this […]